Reviews coming soon

Women’s Berghaus Bamptom 3.0 Fleece, OEX Vallo Air 36 Daypack and Rab Women’s Kangri GTX Waterproof Jacket reviews inbound! Look what arrived today! We’ll be reviewing these after Steph has put them to use. Keep an eye out for our full review coming soon.

Gear Reviews

Hi everyone, I’ll be doing gear reviews in the near future! The reviews will focus on hiking gear – backpacks, jackets, boots, etc. This will be on gear that’s been tried and tested by myself and my partner. What would everyone like to see most, Jackets, Boots, Backpacks, Trousers, something I’ve not mentioned? Let me … More Gear Reviews

Ambitious Goals

So I guess most people start blogs and then think of exciting, interesting things to document. Me? I’m doing this backwards. I’ve decided to do something and decided to write about my experience along the way. I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors, and living in the North East of England, I’m not too far from the … More Ambitious Goals